Heading to the village In the final days of the third quarter, I’m looking forward to more than just a new mass of data regarding venture capital flows around the world.

At the end of September, we’ll start counting down to earnings reports from consumer-facing fintech giants, data that will help us understand today’s market appetite for trading and investment products; given the huge number of fintech startups that touch at least part of this operating space, we have our eyes open.

In late 2020 and into 2021, companies offering savings, investment, and trading products to consumers were hot shit. Coinbase, Robinhood, M1 and others have grown rapidly; hell startups were born and scaled that suggested another companies the ability to include services such as equity trading on their platforms!

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We all know what happened next: 2022 brought a change in market conditions, and consumers’ interest — or perhaps ability — to save, invest and trade declined. This resulted in Coinbase choosing a well-known consumer fintech organization that quickly went from impressive profits to heavy losses in a matter of quarters. Robinhood’s market value plummeted, and M1 fired the staff.

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