EEditor’s note: Michigan Daily covered Michigan’s Got Talent from two perspectives: one from the “Art” section and one from the “News” section. To read the interpretation of the news, click here.

As a community, music signs can be seen everywhere at the University of Michigan, whether it’s spontaneous bands or dance performances at Diag or posters reminding students of the arrival of a famous musician. Michigan’s Got Talent performance, which took place on Thursday, March 9 at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater, was simply a reminder of the musical and motor talents of UM students. From Sisi Jun’s solo to Charlotte Gu’s graceful traditional Chinese dance to Matt Stavinsky’s lively bass show, there’s no doubt that Michigan has talent.

Kieran Mangrulkar, a student of music, theater and dance and kinesiology, winner of the “Most Mobile” award, performed “Falling” by Harry Stiles. Full of emotion and style, the text came to life when Mangrulkar sang: “What if I’m down? / What if I’m out? / What if I’m the one you won’t talk about?” Every time he touched the piano keyboard, he also touched the soft spot of the audience’s heart; many people may associate a sense of unwillingness to let down a loved one with an overload of emotions for fear that they are losing control of the relationship. Mangrulkar captured just that, the overwhelming sense of losing the one you love the most. As a musician, he understood Stiles ’song and added his own interpretation, which was just as touching, if not more so.

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