A 22-year-old man from the town of Aceola was sent to court on Wednesday in the case of the murder of his grandparents.

Chance Hallam is accused of killing 75-year-old Dale Dormanen and 79-year-old Joan Dormanen, who were found dead at their home in November 2021.

Livingston County District Court Judge Daniel Bane ruled Wednesday that there is a probable reason for Halam to stand trial on two counts of open murder in the death of an elderly couple.

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Hallam was transferred to Livingston County District Court, where the case was referred to Judge Michael Hattie. No trial date has been set for Friday.

The case arose when at 7:16 am on November 19, 2021, Halam called law enforcement about an active complaint about the threat. When police arrived at the house, they took Halam into custody when he left the house, Michigan police said.

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