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Just after three hours of discussion, the jury recognized the former Louisville officer Brett Hankison not guilty of all charges associated with the shots he fired Breona Taylor‘s home during a failed raid that killed a 26-year-old boy.

Hankison was charged with three counts of willful misconduct not for the murder of Tayloran ambulance technician who aspired to become a nurse, but for the shots blindly fired at the next apartment.

Hankison was the only officer involved in the failed raid against whom criminal charges were brought.. The remaining officers were fired from the department after internal investigations were discovered misconduct in the way the search warrant was obtained.

Guy Taylor, Kenneth Walker Jr.fired at officers during the raid, and claimed that the staff did not have time to declare themselves before entering the apartment. Since then, Walker has filed a lawsuit against Louisville police and has had to gain public support from civil rights attorneys, local activists and celebrities to drop his charges.

Police officials at one point said the mayor of Louisville Greg Fisherthe impetus for urban renewal was partly to blame for the raidas law enforcement was asked to conduct a drug search in and around Taylor.

Hankison is the same officer he is asked to return him $ 15,000 on bail.

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