your business is one of the most important things in your life, hard to trust others to handle any aspect of it. No matter how good a candidate Looks on paper, you probably won’t have a good idea of ​​how reliable they are until you meet them face to face. Fortunately, there are a few helpful questions you can ask potential hires to help you evaluate their reliability.

To help, a group of members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) share their views on the following:

“What is the most productive question you can ask a potential hirer to assess its trustworthiness? Why is this important? ”

Here’s what they encourage you to ask during your next interview.

1. What did you dislike about your former job or boss?

“Ask what they didn’t like about their former job or boss, and see if their answer is true. When they play the game of accusation, it says a lot about their ability to criticize out of kindness, their level of compassion, and views on responsibility. When they give an answer, looking at all the factors that could have led to the problem, they can be emotionally intelligent, which indicates reliability. ” ~ Laman’s animals,, Lamano Law Office

2. What are your core values ​​and vision?

“Especially in small businesses you want their core values ​​to match yours. Failure to do so will lead to confusion and the person will either leave voluntarily or be asked to leave. When a company grows for the first time, each member must move in the same direction to be able to trust each other. ” ~ Liam Leonard,, DML Capital

3. What are your weaknesses?

“Surprisingly, everyone can hardly answer that question. But this is a common question – a great way to find out if a potential employee has a healthy level of self-awareness, where he can be open and honest, and whether these weaknesses allow him to restrain them. ~ Shu Saito,, All filters

4. What problem did you face and how did you solve it?

“The best way to assess the reliability of a potential hire is to ask them questions about the problems they have faced or even created in previous jobs and how they have solved them. This will give you an idea of ​​how true they can be and also whether they can find ways to fix problems and improve themselves. ” ~ Benjamin Rojas,, All in one SEO

5. When was the delay affecting your work?

“Ask your employee about the time when the delay affected their work. This is a good question because it helps you understand whether the candidate considers time an important success factor. It also reflects their work ethic and helps to understand whether the candidate is trustworthy. ” ~ Thomas Griffin,, OptinMonster

6. What will it take to leave this job?

“Ask them what it will take for them to leave work. Honest candidates will tell you what criteria they had in mind for their dream job, as well as what they do and don’t value in an employer. You want to be wary of candidates who are too afraid of what it takes in order to earn their loyalty, as they are more likely to conceal important information if it really matters. ”~ Firas Kitana,, Amerisleep mattress

7. Would you reduce if necessary?

“The most productive question that can be asked of a potential hire is whether they will reduce wages if the company finds itself in trouble. This question is productive because it assesses their sense of loyalty and commitment to the company. If they are willing to cut wages, then most likely they will be loyal and loyal. ” ~ Christine Kimberly Market,, Company Market Media, Ltd.

8. What is the time when you made the wrong decision?

“Ask your potential employee if they made the wrong decision. This question will help you determine if a potential candidate is willing to take responsibility for their actions. Admitting one’s mistakes, not playing the game of the guilty and not looking for guidance, shows that they are reliable and trustworthy. ” ~ Josh Kolbach,, Wholesale suite

9. What is the obvious flaw in the company / product?

“I would ask about the obvious flaw that my company or product has. I think an honest candidate who can help a company grow will do the hard work, letting me know that something could be better. A candidate who can honestly say how they would improve my work in the context of an interview is someone I would count on for his trust. ”~ Blair Williams,, MemberPress

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