The best for sale by owner (FSBO) websites for investors offer robust features, such as MLS (multiple listing service) listing syndication and listing management—allowing you to reach a larger audience and increase the exposure of your property listing. In addition, they allow photo uploads, offer nationwide coverage, and have an easy-to-use user interface. Top FSBO sites enable investors to search for and list properties for free, but some sites will cost you anywhere between $95 and $699 to list your property.

We analyzed dozens of options to arrive at the six best FSBO sites in 2023 based on their price, monthly site traffic, FSBO listing plans, and features:

Best For Sale By Owner Sites at a Glance

Many For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sites are available to property sellers and buyers to help find and list FSBO properties. Take our quiz to see what the best fit is for you:

Which For Sale By Owner (FSBO) site is right for you?

. Best Closing Assistance Service for Buyers & Sellers

Overall Score: 4.19

What We Like

  • Closing assistance service availability in 14 states
  • Assistance from Rocket Homes licensed real estate advisers
  • Free, customizable, and professional-quality listing

What’s Missing

  • MLS access
  • A la carte options for paid plan
  • Mobile app


  • Do It Yourself: Free for customizable listing and various features like a dedicated buyer transaction coordinator and personal selling dashboard and inbox
  • Closing Assistance: $495 (one-time fee) for licensed real estate adviser, step-by-step closing plan, legal documents, title, inspection, appraisals, and closing preparations offers a closing assistance service for buyers and sellers, costing a $495 one-time fee. It provides a Rocket Homes licensed real estate adviser who will walk you through every step of your closing plan and help you with any closing-related legal paperwork. A step-by-step closing plan, title, inspections, and appraisals are also provided to simplify the closing process and ensure that you complete all necessary steps from beginning to end.

Additionally, it is available for single-family, condo, townhome, and multifamily property types in 14 states—Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

As for homesellers, it’s free to advertise your FSBO listing on, and the company has a team of experts who will help you create an engaging listing on the website. Furthermore, allows you to link, feature, and add a video of your property listing on your Facebook and YouTube. As a result, it increases your listing exposure and traffic, which helps in generating leads.

Additional Features residential real estate legal forms. real estate legal forms (Source:

  • Real estate legal forms: Provides all state-specific forms you need, including offer to purchase real estate, real estate sales contract, seller’s disclosure statement, and lead paint disclosure forms.
  • USA real estate property directory: Offers access to public property records and profiles of real estate nationwide, including the last selling dates of homes for sale and the previous selling prices for those pieces of realty.
  • blogs: Provides insights and valuable information like how to boost property value, what home improvements should a property owner invest in, and tips on how to market your property.
  • What’s my home worth calculator: It shows how your property’s value and base stats compare to the neighborhood average. This includes home size, sale price, and price per square foot.
  • Security feature: It has a “hidden email address” feature that prevents your email address from being added to bulk mailing lists and enables potential buyers to email you without knowing your email address. Customer Feedback

Most investors say the high-quality FAQ and support-based blog for first-time homebuyers greatly help gain insights and valuable information about real estate investing. Additionally, the detailed listings, photos, and links of each home help them figure out your credit situation, the cost of moving, and the mortgage rates of the property.

Although provides a free platform for listing your FSBO home, it does not offer MLS access. Remember that most buyers look for FSBO listings on MLS-syndicated websites, such as Zillow, Redfin, or Because of this, your pool of buyer leads will be limited, and your home may sell for less than market value. Consider Homecoin because it offers a flat-fee MLS listing package for $95 that you can customize with a la carte options, such as pro photography, yard signs, lockboxes, and open house kits.


Facebook Marketplace: For Buyers & Sellers Seeking High Monthly Site Traffic

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace logo.

Overall Score: 3.99

What We Like

  • Provide useful property information such as the type of housing, price, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Large potential audience
  • Suitable for sharing your listing with friends, family, and neighbors

What’s Missing

  • Not targeted to homebuyers
  • MLS access
  • Phone customer support


  • FSBO listing: Free for listing with photos and details of your property

Facebook Marketplace has the most monthly site traffic (around 1.3 billion), providing FSBO listings with tremendous exposure. Facebook Marketplace allows sellers to list their properties for free and share them with targeted neighborhoods or real estate groups to increase their visibility. Furthermore, Facebook Marketplace allows homesellers to provide useful property information such as the type of housing, price, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, all of which help captivate and entice homebuyers to look more at your property.

Additionally, if you plan open houses, you can create a public Facebook event to spread the word and make it simple for your contacts to invite their friends. But if you prefer a fixed showing schedule, you can create several months-long events and publish your viewing hours so that people can quickly contact you with questions or schedule a showing.

Conversely, Facebook Marketplace is entirely do-it-yourself (DIY), and you won’t get assistance with closing, marketing, or photography. If you don’t want people viewing your listing and browsing your Facebook profile, ensure your privacy settings are set appropriately before publishing anything to Facebook Marketplace.

Additional Facebook Marketplace Features

FSBO property listings in Facebook Marketplace.

FSBO listings in Facebook Marketplace (Source: Facebook Marketplace)

  • Facebook ads: These are paid messages from businesses or individuals that include advertising objectives, photos, or videos to help reach their target market.
  • Custom bids for items: You can negotiate a price with a seller if they allow custom bid offers on their listings. After you make an offer, the seller can accept or reject it.
  • Report page: Allow users to report any listings that they believe are inappropriate. This helps in tracking scammers and preventing other people from being scammed.
  • Photo uploads: Homesellers can upload up to 50 photos of their property listing, which is more than the MLS. This helps to increase listing exposure and site traffic.

Facebook Marketplace Customer Feedback

Although there aren’t many online reviews, Facebook Marketplace users said it is one of the best websites for FSBO property listing. Your listing will have massive exposure with billions of monthly site traffic.

However, Facebook Marketplace is not an FSBO-specific site. You won’t find FSBO listing tools to help you sell your property faster. Check out Craigslist for its classified ad site. It has a real estate-specific section where you can search by location, property type, price, and whether the listing is from the owner or a broker.

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Craigslist: Best for Free Classified Listings


Craigslist logo

Overall Score: 3.90

What We Like

  • Well-known website for real estate listings
  • Simple to use
  • Offers a wide range of products, services, and jobs

What’s Missing

  • MLS access
  • 12-month FSBO listing contract
  • Phone customer support


  • FSBO listing: Free for listing with some photos and a brief description of your property

Craigslist is a popular online classified ad site where many property owners list their homes for sale or rent. There are real estate-specific sections on Craigslist, and users can search by location, property type, price, and whether the listing is from the owner or a broker.

The website offers for sale apartments, single-family homes, multifamily properties, commercial properties, and condominiums. Listings must be renewed after 45 days have passed. Owners can include location, which appears on a site map of the listing and uploads multiple photos that help buyers to easily search for potential properties in their preferred location.

Additionally, Craigslist enables prospective buyers to get in touch with you directly from the listing via phone call, text, or email. However, remember to remain cautious when responding to messages from users of Craigslist to avoid being scammed.

Additional Craigslist Features

Craigslist for sale properties in New York.

For sale properties in New York (Source: Craigslist)

  • Products page: Users can see a particular chosen ad. It also shows similar products, chats with a seller on the platform, other sellers’ offers, and the number of users who viewed a specific product.
  • Ad moderation: Allows users to report any listing they find inappropriate. This helps to protect sellers and buyers from malicious content and scammers.
  • Communication: Craigslist users can communicate via encrypted emails for security reasons.

Craigslist Customer Feedback

Craigslist has a consumer review rating of 3.41 out of 5 stars from 753 reviews, indicating that most users are delighted with their purchases and listings. Users are happy with the free and straightforward Craigslist interface. You can quickly post some photos and a description of the house. It also enables interested parties to contact you directly from the listing.

Nonetheless, Craigslist is notorious for attracting scammers, so keep your guard up against scammers and offers that sound too good to be true. Try for its security features, like the “Hidden Email Address” feature, to protect sellers from unsolicited emails and phone calls.

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Homecoin: Best Customizable Plans for FSBO Homesellers


Homecoin logo.

Overall Score: 3.86

What We Like

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • MLS access
  • Provides reports like home value and comparable sales reports

What’s Missing

  • Not available nationwide
  • Can’t upload videos
  • Unlimited changes to your listings


  • MLS listing: $95 (flat-fee)
  • A la carte options:
    • Comparable sales (Free)
    • Home value report (Free)
    • Sign with post rental (Free)
    • Open house kit (Free)
    • FSBO listing (Free)
    • Disclosures with flat-fee MLS listing (Free)
    • Lockbox rental ($125)
    • Pro photography (varies)
    • Sign post rental ($99+)
    • Standard forms help (varies)
    • Premium seller forms help (varies)
    • Buyer commission rebate (25%-50%)

Homecoin has a flat-fee MLS listing package priced at $95 that allows you to customize it with its various a la carte options like pro photography, yard signs, lockboxes, and open house kits. If you know what additional features you need, Homecoin can be a fantastic, one-stop DIY FSBO website.

Homecoin operates in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. It is a user-friendly FSBO that provides sellers with online tools to post and edit their home listings without the help of a real estate agent. In addition, Homecoin offers free real estate comps reports, including comparable sales, market trends, and neighborhood profiles, to help homesellers determine the correct value for their property.

Typically, only real estate agents have access to the MLS, but Homecoin allows you to edit your MLS listing and add your home to the MLS directly from your phone whenever you want. Homesellers can edit their MLS listing up to 10 times without additional fees.

Additional Homecoin Features

property listings with map interface.

Homecoin’s current listings (Source: Homecoin)

  • Call forwarding and info by text: Enable calls to be sent to you instantly, property info by text 24/7, and provide custom messages.
  • Automatic email forwarding: Allows you to instantly receive email leads and offers, text notifications on emails, and view all emails in one place.
  • Free open house kit: Includes booties, a guest registry, a flyer stand, and tenant cards to help you professionally host an open house and easily follow up with prospective homebuyers.
  • Free real estate sign: A pro installs the sign in 24 to 48 hours. It is 24×30-inches and made of high-quality, 24-gauge powder-coated steel. It includes a phone number and a QR code, allowing potential buyers to view property photos and contact the seller instantly.

Homecoin Customer Feedback

Homecoin users are satisfied with the a la carte options like yard signs and open house kits to add to their plans. They say that the customizable programs help them tailor their plans according to their needs to boost their listings and sell them faster. With that, Homecoin garnered a customer review rating of 5 out of 5.

But despite all the good remarks, Homecoin received a backlash for its hidden fees. Homecoin charges undisclosed fees at the time of closing the FSBO transaction. The hidden costs can be anywhere from $450 to $2,999. If you want an FSBO site without hidden fees, explore You can choose its free plan or subscribe to its closing assistance plan, which costs $495 (one-time fee).

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Unreal Estate: Best for Agent Assistance Services

Unreal Estate

Unreal Estate logo.

Overall Score: 3.80

What We Like

  • Agent concierge services
  • Syndicates FSBO listings to 720+ websites
  • Comprehensive features for listings like email, chat, and phone support and unlimited listing edits

What’s Missing

  • Mobile app
  • Can’t upload videos
  • Lower site traffic


  • Listing Package: Free for 12-month listing on your local MLS and syndication to 720+ websites, and features like unlimited listing edits, max number of photos that your MLS allows, and sales agreement forms
  • Agent Concierge Package: $699 for various features, including MLS data home pricing report, photos of your home by a professional photographer, and access to local agents with buyer MLS searches matching your property

Unreal Estate, formerly, provides a premium agent concierge package with access to a licensed broker and a team of expert real estate professionals from your state. For a one-time fee of $699, they will support and guide you through the entire process of selling your home.

This package also includes seven days per week chat, email, and phone access to the Penny Willhite team to help you answer your questions, provide guidance, and assist you from your first offer to closing. Also, the MLS data home pricing report, photos of your home by a professional photographer, and a lockbox are provided to assist homesellers in conveniently showing prospective buyers their homes when they are away.

Furthermore, with Unreal Estate’s MLS Listing Package, your home will be promoted on your local MLS and syndicated to nearly every real estate platform for 12 months, including Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, Compass, RE/MAX, and more than 720 national and regional websites. Aside from this, you will be provided unlimited listing edits, the maximum number of photos allowed by your MLS, a traditional “For Sale” yard sign (optional), and forms for sales agreements.

Additional Unreal Estate Features

Unreal Estate syndicated listings.

Syndicated listings of Unreal Estate (Source: Unreal Estate)

  • Customer support: Its support team has 11 languages, and its platform can be used in any language.
  • Cancel anytime: The monthly subscription plan can be canceled at any time with one month’s notice. The annual subscription is paid in one installment in advance. At the end of the year, the customer can choose to keep the subscription, cancel it, or return to monthly payments.
  • ShowingTime: It is an automated showing app and text tool to receive appointment requests and feedback from buyers and sellers.
  • Home staging guidance: Make sure your home is ready for photos and give buyers a great impression of the property.
  • Negotiation and transaction support: Offer review, negotiation, and transaction support that includes tracking forms and deadline support for your home sale.

Unreal Estate Customer Feedback

These online reviews were taken from their previous name,, since the company has rebranded recently to Unreal Estate. Most Unreal Estate users are satisfied with the syndication feature and claim that listing syndication to 720-plus national and regional websites boosts the exposure and views of their listings. Aside from this, many users are elated with the agent concierge services of Unreal Estate. It helps sellers and buyers to have a smooth and stress-free transaction.

However, users wished that the website had more monthly site traffic. Currently, Unreal Estate has monthly site traffic of 16,915, which is not an ideal number of visitors. If you want tremendous monthly site traffic, review Facebook Marketplace. It has a 1.3 billion monthly site traffic that can help your listings rank higher and increase their visibility.

Visit Unreal Estate Best for Its Multiple FSBO Listing Packages logo.

Overall Score: 3.71

What We Like

  • Various FSBO listing packages
  • Unlimited edits on listings
  • Local MLS access

What’s Missing

  • Free plan and mobile app
  • MLS rental listings not available on Zillow platforms
  • Not available nationwide


  • Basic Package: $99 (one-time fee)
  • Enhanced Package: $399 (flat fee)
  • Concierge Service: $599 (upfront in addition to 1% of the home’s sale price) has the most FSBO listing packages compared to the other providers on this list. It offers three packages that cater to all homesellers’ and buyers’ requirements and needs, like high monthly site traffic, unlimited edits on listings, and customized property reports. All packages are available in Florida, Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama. The basic package is also offered in Minnesota, California, and Connecticut.

Additionally, each package includes various listing features like local MLS access, active listing until you close, listing syndication to top real estate sites like Zillow and, unlimited updates and changes, and a free open house scheduler.

For’s concierge service, you’ll receive hands-on support with negotiations, setting a listing price, and closing. But you’ll be charged $599 upfront in addition to 1% of the home’s sale price. Real estate agents typically charge 4% to 6% of the sale price as the commission, so Beycome is much lower and guarantees full service and support.

Additional Features FSBO latest listings in Alabama.’s Alabama FSBO listings (Source: Beycome)

  • Insurance: partners with Young Alfred to provide insurance for homes, rental homes, condos, autos, and pets.
  • Homeowners insurance calculator: This shows how your home insurance rate compares to the market. Encode your ZIP code and your annual premium, then submit.
  • Property price estimator: uses a comparative market analysis (CMA) tool to show you your property’s current worth on the market.
  • Real estate glossary: Shows real estate terms and definitions. This helps investors understand the jargon related to real estate. Customer Feedback received a 3.9 out of 5 customer review rating from its users. Many users are happy with the multiple FSBO listing plans. In addition, most users like that provides access to local MLS. This helps sellers and buyers have a wider pool of property leads.

Nevertheless, received negative feedback regarding the lack of a free plan and mobile app. If you want a free program and access to mobile apps, consider Craigslist. It is a free FSBO listing site with a mobile app to be accessed by buyers and sellers.


How We Evaluated the Top For Sale By Owner Sites

We considered dozens of for sale by owner websites and chose the top six based on their pricing structure, features, monthly site traffic, and reviews. After a thorough evaluation, we discovered that is the best site for FSBO, with a rating of 4.19 out of 5. was ranked first due to its closing assistance service availability in 14 states, Rocket Homes licensed real estate advisers, and free, customizable, and professional-quality listings. Also, provides real estate legal forms, a USA real estate property investment directory, and a security feature to help buyers and sellers safely access public property records and real estate profiles nationwide.

Other factors we examined to evaluate the best FSBO sites for buyers and sellers include:

30% of Overall Score

Pricing is based on the cost structure and a la carte options for FSBO listing sites for buyers and sellers.

25% of Overall Score

It consists of various for sale by owner listing site features like MLS access, lockbox, and yard signs for each tier to meet the specific needs of the property sellers and buyers.

15% of Overall Score

Based on how easy it is to navigate the provider interface and if it provides hassle-free transactions and communication between buyers and sellers.

10% of Overall Score

Based on customer feedback for each program, with particular attention given to reviews of the product and popularity of the provider, to certify the course meets user satisfaction.

10% of Overall Score

Expertise in the field and firsthand experience with the providers allow us to evaluate the standout features, value for the money, and ease of use of the best FSBO sites.

10% of Overall Score

We looked into the convenience and attainability of customer service for technical support, onboarding, and training.

*Percentages of overall score

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