Literature, like art, is a reflection of the world around us. Recent events, trends and movements inspire creative work to delve into these moments of history. There are many Black women borrow their votes into the creative world of writing, and some really shock the industry. Here are some black authors leaving its mark about the literary world.

NK Jamiesin

The New York Times said she was “the most famous science fiction and fantasy writer of her generation.” NK Jamiesin has a large collection of science fiction and fantasy under its name, and some of them are award winners.

Take her Broken land a trilogy where a mother searches for her daughter in the midst of a royal battle between nations and apocalyptic storms. She has also published graphic novels, comics, anthologies, short stories and other literary works.

Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson best known for its books for children and youth, these titles can be used by both young people and adults. Some of her work has received numerous awards or recognitions, including National Book Prize winners The brown girl is dreaming. This is a collection of poems detailing the experience of Woodson, who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s as a black American. She also has two books for adults: Red on the bone and Dock me.

Jasmine Ward

This author has twice won the National Book Award among other awards for her career. Jasmine WardThe Last Novel Sing, Unburied, sing chronicle of a boy who travels with his drug-addicted mother and young sister to see a father who has just been released from prison. Among her other famous works Save the bones, The men we pity, Where the bleeding is and Fire this time.

Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas best known for her debut novels The Hate U Give, which tells the story of a black girl who witnesses the death of her best friend and the social consequences. In 2017, the novel was screened into a critically acclaimed film starring Amanda Stenberg as Star Carter. Thomas published three more literary works, including Find your voice (2019), On The Come Up (2019), and Concrete rose (2021).

Tommy Adeemi

Tommy Adeemi‘s The legacy of Arisha the series sends waves into the world of literature for young adults. Children of blood and bones has received many awards and prizes and even has a film adaptation on the way. Next is the story Zellie Adebola, her allies and companions as they navigate the oppressed world and shape it with their magical abilities. The sequel is called Children of virtue and revenge was released in December 2019.

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