no Halloween best day of the year? It’s the culmination of a gruesome season that looks set to begin in September and, for those wearing the black and orange, continue into the new year. Although some of yours favorite stars have already celebratedgrand finale tonight – and to make your Halloween a blast, HollywoodLife has put together a playlist of terrifying female songs to keep the Jack O’Lantern in your soul burning bright.

of course Michael Jackson“Thriller” and Bobby “Boris” Pickett“Monster Mash” are sure hits for any Halloween playlist. But it would be simply a sin not to include some songs from Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshee. Any of the iconic goth rocker’s tracks would be a hit at a Halloween party, but considering Siouxsie has one named after holiday may also include this. For more music, to check The sound of Halloween, HollywoodLifeA feature where celebrities chose songs for the perfect Halloween playlist.

Along with Siouxsie, the cool ghouls who want the best of female-powered death rock will be, of course turn on 45 Grave. Fronted Dina Rak (who once led the all-female punk band z Alice Bagg called the Castration Squad), grave 45 is best known for its contribution to Return of the Living Dead soundtrack, “Party Time.” It’s sure to be party time when this song drops alongside tracks from female-led groups like AntiWorld, The Bloodtypes, Killer Barbiesand Kitty in the coffin.

Siouxsie Sioux in 2007 (Shutterstock)

Poppy Rihanna and others appear at the party. The psychobilly ladies will also be there: Merry widows to you, The Hatchet Wounds, Voodoo Zombie, As Diabatzand Screamin’ Rebel Angels, just to name a few. It would be rude if you didn’t, and it sounds like these women would do worse things to your house than leave it littered with eggs and toilet paper. Maybe they’ll be helped by garage rockers like Gore Gore Girls, Empress of fur, A night out with the ghouls and Satan’s Support Group (who released the song “I’m Damned” with Vampire. There’s no better Halloween!)

The bands mentioned above are still alive Halloween is 24/7, 365 days a yearwomen don’t have to be orange and black to be on the greatest horror playlist. Tegan and Sarah“Walking With A Ghost” is the perfect song for the season, as is “Zombie” Hangers“Haunted House” by the author Tsunami to you and Halsey“Ghost”. Because all these songs will help any ghoul to get into the holiday spirit!

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