WICHITA, Can. – Naz Hillman scored 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Laila Felia preferred last minute for No. 3 in Michigan, who on Saturday night beat South Dakota’s 10th seeded 52-49 and reached the elite. Eight for the first time.

Felia scored 14 points and Leiga Brown added 10 for Raamahi (25-6).

On Monday, Michigan will play with Louisville, who are seeded No. 1, on the map to reach the Final Four. Earlier in the day, Louisville beat Tennessee No. 76 76-64.

South Dakota (29-6) tried to become only the fifth double-digit number to reach the top eight, but failed. Hannah Serven scored 17 points and eight rebounds before the foul, and Chloe Lamb, the Premier League player of the year, who averaged 16 points per game, scored just six points.

With the crowd overwhelmingly on their side, the Coyotes kept Wolverines without the ball out of the game at 3:40 to start the game, and led most of the first half.

In the second quarter, the “Coyotes” with a score of 25-23 led among the three-pointers Grace Larkins, and at the break they led with a score of 26-24 thanks to 11 points from Serven. Felia, who averaged just under nine points per game this season, scored 12 in the first half to keep Michigan in the game.

Michigan led 39-38 in the fourth quarter, and Hillman scored nine points in the third.

The Lamb jumper of the middle range equalized 48 in 48.5 seconds before the end.

In the remaining 22 seconds, Brown made two free throws to make the Wolverines win by four.

Maddie Krul of South Dakota made the first of two free throws to reduce Michigan’s lead to 52-49 in 7.5 seconds to go. But she missed the second free throw, and had a fight for the ball before it went off the field. It was not immediately clear who was hit last, but South Dakota got it after the judges.

The Coyotes were unable to get acquainted with the clean case, and Kaya Watson missed 3 when time ran out.

The big picture

South Dakota: Lamb, Sjerven and Liv Korngable are super-seniors who have returned to run. They did so, for the first time almost bringing the Coyotes to the top eight. The other two beginners are freshmen. With this foundation and the support the Coyotes have received along the way, the program seems to be in good hands.

Michigan: Wolverines started uneasy in what was essentially a road environment, and won despite Hillman getting zero in the first quarter.

– Cliff Brant, Associated Press

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