It is no secret that in the Rivertown market we represent many local suppliers, and our poles are fresh, LOCAL and valuable. As February became the month of black history, we wanted to show extra love for a handful of our black-owned business vendors. Below are 10 MANY black-owned businesses in the market that we carry out year-round. Show your support by learning more about their products, following them on social media and picking up their merchandise at the weekly store. Don’t forget to say hello the next time you see them on the market!

1. FREE SPEECH (Tafari Roberts)

Say hello to Tafari from Rove Freely and her biodegradable soap! Sold in the Rove market is a brand focused on global tranquility that offers simple portable hygiene products for every rover. These paper soap dishes are not your “grandma’s soap” and will come in handy on the go.

Have you ever been to a bathroom without soap? Just remove one sheet with dry hands, put it on your hand and wet them like a regular hand wash (then see how the magic happens!). Rove soap sheets are lightweight, they keep you clean and we offer all six aromatic fragrances. Walk past aisle 8 in the travel section to pick up a bundle, or right at our small checkout lanes.

2. OoooWhee (Andra Jerdin)

Chef Andra Jerdin went to the market to deliver his special spices! Sold in the market, Ooooooo spices elevate your culinary game. With flavors like Good Heat, You Need Me, Getcha Mind Right and others, you are sure to improve the taste in your dishes.

Andra fell in love with the culinary world at an early age and studied culinary art at the Golightly Vocational Technical Center here in Detroit. The chef always stays true to his unique style and flair, encouraging young chefs to reveal their own talents. Oooo Whee Spices fit Andrew’s healthier and more mundane lifestyle as he extracts the best and freshest ingredients for his blends. The chef prefers to express the natural aroma of the food, and with just one bottle of condiment you will say “Ooooooooo !!!!”.

3. Cruz Burgers (Dominic and WE)

Say hello to @eatcruzburgers family! 👋 Dominic and WE created the Cruz Burgers (family business) during the pandemic, and here in Rivertown, we are so excited that they did. These “burgers” made in Detroit are made mostly from mushrooms, allowing customers to be flexible in choosing healthier foods without compromising taste, nutrition and convenience.

Dominic was more open and a mushroom lover and WE were more restrained and didn’t eat mushrooms at first. Hence Cruz’s burgers. The English word Cruz translates as “cross”, which makes perfect sense, because Cruz is a cruciferous hamburger where people can intersect – vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers can sit at the same table and enjoy the same dining room.

It should be noted that these pies are gluten-free, soy and, most importantly, suitable for children! Take a hamburger in the tenth aisle and let us know what you think.

4. Premium Lorraine (Larry Crockett)

Larry Crockett is a man of many talents. From a professional musician, martial arts master, and most importantly, a barbecue cook. Larry brought to market his mother’s recipe in the form of Lorraine’s Premium BBQ barbecue sauce. Unique in texture, taste and ingredients, Lorraine’s is one of the healthiest sauces on the market (without compromising on taste).

With every recipe there is a story and this one is worth remembering. When Larry was nine years old, Lorraine wanted to make sure her son knew how to cook, clean, wash and sew. She didn’t know that years later he spilled her recipe into a thriving business (with her photo on the bottle!). Take one of the four flavors of Larry and Lorraine (Original, Sweet and Smokey, Asian, Southwest Chipotle Kick) on the market today.

5. Washington Cheesecake (Victor Washington)
Victor A. Washington Jr. created the Washington Gourmet Cheesecake to please his ex-wife. However, in the end it turned into something much more significant. Vic received his first recipe from the Food Network, and now he believes it will go down in history and become famous. We at Rivertown Market also believe this will happen. And if you have any doubts or just don’t want to take our word for it, read over 100 reviews on Google that gave them a perfect rating.

If you’ve ever been to the Detroit area and want to try the best cheesecake, come to the market and grab one of the seven flavors that Vic and our store director Marcus Relifford consider best for the place: original strawberry whirlwind, turtle, turtle, cookies and cream, black wood, key lime and caramel pecan along with other seasonal flavors.

6. Classic gifts and pastries (princess learned)
Princess Learned stopped at the market with her sweets from Classique Gifts and Bakes! 🍰 Founded in 2015 in Canton, it intended to create new and innovative twists on classic bakery products. The princess grew up in a family where cooking and baking with natural ingredients were necessary and became part of her daily life. The aroma of freshly baked bread, which spread throughout the neighborhood from her family’s small bakery, was too strong to withstand a hot loaf of butter.

Classique Gifts and Bakes is a proud woman and black business with core value in creating products taking into account all dietary needs. Its products cover a wide selection and range Traditional pastriesvery popular Special dietary pastries, and favorite customers like ours Granola TV series, Cereal keto options, and Gift and catering services. It even caters for customized events and delivers to Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas.

Customers like her line “Specialized diets” includes such favorites as:

🍰 Allergen free (Carrot cake and pastries)

🍰 Gluten free (Cheesecakes, chocolate cake, brownies)

🍰 Vegan (Carrot cake, cake “Red Velvet” with cream cheese icing, cakes)

🍰 Keta (Muffins, cheesecakes, porridge)

🍰 No sugar (Cakes and cheesecakes)

🍰 Customizable special dietary granola

You can find her products all over the market in our bakery, frozen departments and cafes. Next time, be sure to grab a product (or three!).

7. Crystal Eikkai (Jacqueline Jones)

This is Jacqueline Jones from Crystal Eikcaj. Jacqueline is the fourth of nine siblings to grow up in the Lower East District of the Black Bottom area. After attending Detroit Public Schools she enrolled in a public college to earn a bachelor’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree, which helped her start her own small business!

Jacqueline has always been determined and destined to become an entrepreneur. She has had several successful businesses keeping full time. That’s when the idea came to her. She will create Crystal Eikcaj (Jackie is spelled back!). The Crystal Eikcaj brand has 35 organic skin and hair care products on sale, many of which can be found on the market. Inspired by her own story (she has been diagnosed with several health problems), she is dedicated to finding solutions to many of the health problems she has faced. That’s why Jacqueline founded in 2015 “Crystal Eikcaj« ”Skin and Hair Care to help solve skin and hair problems. At the same time, she realized that many people around the world suffer from the same problems, and her organic products can help them.

Look for whipped shea butter, joint massage cream and more from Jacqueline’s Crystal Eikcaj on the market!

8. Spice 7 Seasons (Alosha Jackson)

Aloshiya stopped at the market when her 7 seasonal spices were sold out (she was accumulating!). 🔥 We felt the need to share her story if you haven’t encountered it yet in Rivertown.

Aloshiya is a native of Detroit who graduated from Cassa High School and continued her studies with a bachelor’s degree from UofM Ann Arbor and a master’s degree from Wayne University. Enthusiastic about active athletics (weightlifting, running / sprinting, roller skating, hiking, to name a few!), She wanted to create a spice mix that would make her food more enjoyable and not harm her body. Health and fitness have been a HUGE part of her life for the past ten years, and it made sense to start the journey to bring bold, authentic flavors to her dishes.

With this 7 Seasons Spice was created from her hometown! 7 Seasons Spices specializes in high quality, pure spices and condiments. Its products do not contain MSG, any additives, preservatives or artificial colors / flavors. As an added benefit to the community this summer, Aloshiya plans to renovate several parks and basketball courts in Detroit and Highland Park to create safe and clean places for residents to be active (according to her hobbies). Next time you’re in the market, check out 7 seasonal spices in the fourth pass.

9. D-los Cheesecakes (Dolores Jackson)

Dolores is stocking up on Local Bakes fridge in our bakery department! 🍰 Dolores set up her cheesemaking company in 2020 (against the backdrop of a pandemic!) Under the inspiration of the Lord and is a huge success in the market. One of her goals has always been to empower and inspire others to start a business like her.

Over the years, Dolores has come to know and understand the true component of hard work and dedication. She learned the skills to master her own unique ingredients and create a line of delicious gourmet cheesecakes that can be found on the market. She enjoys spending time creating a kitchen, but the best moments are watching other people love her work.

Her cheesecakes are made from scratch, with ingredients strategically planned. Dolores has a small team and it has developed a brand that its employees are proud of. You’ll see her visit the market and taste her products, so be sure to say hello and try the sample when you cross over at the next store.

10. Dazzling balloons and more (Jacqueline Smith)

Our last cry is to our friends at Dazzling Balloons and Beyond 🎈 If you walked into the market during Valentine’s Day, you would see a stunning arch of Jacqueline Smith balloons. Jacqueline is a certified balloon artist who turns dreams into reality. For over 20 years she has provided customized jewelry with an oath to provide exemplary service and capture your imagination to customize your dreams into a three-dimensional reality for showers, bar mitzvahs, proms, weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and any other holiday event . . She always adds a unique flair to the market with her balloon art. Learn more about her work here.

Next time you’re in the Rivertown market, be sure to check out our black-owned business vendors and look for our Black Owned Business signs. Keep an eye on the Rivertown Market and remember the #SupportBlackOwned business all year round.

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