In the past, watching television was the only “screen time” that children had. Kids still watch TV today, but cable TV has limited options. Kids are unlikely to find a TV program teaching them the finer nuances of DIY slime-making. There are probably not many TV series with kids their age who are equally obsessed with the same boy band. It’s unlikely that the individuals in charge of selecting TV programming will approve of a show that explores what happens when various objects are flushed down the toilet.

No, these programs are not likely to be found on TV for your children. However, they can locate them (along with millions of others) on YouTube. Unfortunately, a significant portion of YouTube’s “programming” could also be inappropriate for various reasons.

While YouTube is a great way to explore educational and recreational channels for Kids, it might not offer you the parental controls that cable TV can. In this respect, you can click here and find out the best TV plans with impressive settings that can allow parents to have a complete check over their kids.


That being said,YouTube does offer a few commendable channels and we’re here to save you the hassle of searching for them by listing them out. Your children can use these YouTube channels to learn the things you want them to see if you keep an eye on them. The top 10 YouTube channels for kids are listed below in no particular order.Let’s get started!


  1. Smithsonian Channel

You don’t have easy access to the excellent Smithsonian Museum of Natural History if you don’t live in or around Washington, D.C. However, the Smithsonian Channel on YouTube is available to you. On one channel, produced by an indisputably trustworthy source, your kids can educate themselves about hammerhead sharks, 9/11, World War II, and monkeys.

  1. Brain Scoop

This odd educational channel, which offers a look inside a natural history museum, is produced by the Chicago Field Museum.It is hosted by the incredibly amusing and knowledgeable Chief Curiosity Correspondent Emily Graslie, excursions to the animal processing lab—where skinning and gutting take place—as well as practical demonstrations of earth science principles and explanations of animals and species—are all included. To help you decide whether a video is suitable for your child, each one contains a “viewer’s discretion” disclaimer and a “grossometer”.

  1. Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Ling, two good-time dudes, only provide pure and enjoyable entertainment. The hosts’ humorous banter, remarkable chemistry, and use of appropriate jargonserves their skits, challenges, silly explorations, and other random endeavors well.


  1. Minute Physics

Have a moment? If so, you can discover a variety of ideas, such as the nature of gravity and how the sun functions. The episodes simplify complex concepts of science through graphics and voice-over, making it all fun and engaging for kids.


  1. Ok Go

This four-man band is prepared to do just about anything for the sake of being cool, whether it involves dancing on treadmills or getting paint smeared on their heads. Their largely alt-rock music serves just as a backdrop for their intricately choreographed videos, which incorporate optical illusions, trompe l’oeil, and other visual gimmicks. Videos from the production process show how shots were filmed.


  1. Vlogbrothers

You already know John Green if you’ve seen“The Fault in Our Stars”. Vlogbrothers encourage learning and education on a wide range of subjects, including psychology, health care, and ethics. The pair, Hank and his brother, who are both former teachers, run several subsidiary channels, including SciShow (science explainers), CrashCourse (mini-lessons in history, literature, and more), and others (not as kid-appropriate as the original Vlogbrothers).


  1. SmartGirls

Check out Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls channel for older children. It includes the typical kid-friendly DIYs, like how to make fizzing bath bombs, but it also includes biographies of powerful women, including astronauts and scientists, as well as lessons on manners and movies that encourage girls to become active in social concerns like climate change.


  1. Ted-Ed

TED-Ed (from the organization behind TED Talks) is dedicated to developing teachings worth learning. Kids can explore nature, solve challenging riddles, or ponder topics like “questions no one knows the answers to” on this channel.

  1. React

The Fine brothers Benny and Rafi started off making “Kids React” films, where children view and comment on YouTube videos.The participants’ profound truths, which gently demonstrate how to evaluate media, are expressed in the results, which can be quite moving.

  1. Houston Zoo

Check out the Houston Zoo YouTube channel if your kid has a passion for animals. Kids (and adults) may frequently access numerous well-known educational attractions on YouTube that are too far away to visit in person.


Bottom Line

Much like the internet overall, YouTube can be very educative for all ages. It can be a very effective educational tool when used responsibly and in moderation. Open the floodgates of multimedia learning by turning on the parental settings on your child’s gadgets and pledging to monitor your child’s YouTube usage!