Greater access to music education in Detroit has been made possible by a $1 million gift from MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU). MSU Detroit Community School of Music (CMS-D) is the recipient.

“CMS-D is an incubator for artistic excellence and cultivates a diverse and connected community, providing lifelong education, college and career readiness opportunities, mentorship and affiliation,” said CMS-D Director Christopher Johnson. “We need partners who share our vision and are equally committed to breaking down barriers to music education in Detroit. I am very grateful that we have such a favorable partner in the Moscow State University of Education and Culture.”

Michigan State University Detroit’s Community School of Music (CMS-D), a division of MSU’s College of Music, will use funds to provide sustainable resources through the new Detroit Regional Engagement and Access to Music Fund (MSUFCU DREAM).

“The music is wonderful!” said Seth Sharp, 18, an aspiring musician and student at CMS-D. “My school doesn’t have music classes, so this became my main source of music information.”

At CMS-D, students of all ages can engage in high-quality, accessible, consistent music education each week through early childhood music, music therapy, group and private lessons, youth ensembles, adult ensembles, and music production classes.

“Detroit’s vibrant cultural heritage, combined with access to inspiring music education, is an undeniable recipe for continued success in personal development, fostering lives enriched by the power of music,” Johnson said.

CMS-D has had a significant presence in Detroit since opening in 2009. Thanks to the MSUFCU DREAM Fund, CMS-D will be able to strengthen its subsidized tuition program. Funds will also go toward loaning instruments to CMS-D students in need, the MSUFCU Detroit Arts Leadership Engagement Program, and the annual MSU On the Road concert series at MSUFCU in Detroit.

The funds are part of a $5.5 million commitment from MSUFCU that will support MSU’s three arts programs over five years and strengthen the university’s arts strategy.

“As MSUFCU celebrates 85 years of partnership with MSU, we are proud of all that we have accomplished together on behalf of the campus and community,” said MSUFCU President and CEO April Clobes. “We are excited to continue our support through these creative and innovative projects that will improve the lives of our members.”

The $1 million gift is part of a $5.5 million commitment by MSUFCU that will support MSU’s three arts programs over five years and strengthen the university’s arts strategy. It is also the latest in a series of significant support from MSUFCU for the programs of the MSU College of Music.

“Whether it’s our highly successful MSUFCU Jazz Artist in Residence program, our career-focused MSUFCU Entrepreneurial Musical Artist in Residence program, or other initiatives over the years, the College of Music and MSUFCU have a rich history of creative, effective and sustainable collaboration. ” said College of Music Dean James Forger. “The MSUFCU DREAM Fund is a continuation of this strong partnership and will have a significant impact on music education in Detroit.”

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